Membership benefits to joining MMCA

Join the movement

Your participation with MMCA means banding together with industry leaders a unified and coordinated effort to impact the cannabis industry. MMCA believes providing our members with information, education, training opportunities, and connection to others in the cannabis industry helps to fulfill our mission. MMCA members will also gain first-hand knowledge and access to legislative activities. MMCA is committed to providing network opportunities, advocacy, representation, education, support, and sponsorship.

NOTE:You DO NOT have to have an official business formed to join our association.

All licensed MMCA members will adhere to a strict code of ethics indicating they are in clear and unambiguous compliance with local and state regulations.

Seed Membership
Seed membership is a membership level that represents Mississippi cannabis licensees and ancillary businesses that provide services to the cannabis industry.
  • Access to public industry meetings.
  • Update on licensing information.
  • Access to organizational current information email blasts.
  • Invited to MMCA face-to-face and on-line organizational meetings, workshops, and conferences.
  • Link to the MMCA partner pages
  • Access to website at seed level membership
  • Includes all other Soil membership access features.
Fertilizer Membership
Fertilizer membership represents business-focused and compliance -driven cannabis businesses in the state of Mississippi.
    Ability to recommend members to serve on MMCA committees.
  • Full access to MMCA website.
  • Will be allowed to link their company website to the MMCA website.
  • The member will be featured on the MMCA partner page for 1 month.
  • Opportunity to work MMCA consulting team.
  • Includes all other Seed membership access features.
Flowering Membership
The Flowering membership is considered a corporate membership for those who will provide leadership in the cannabis industry and lead in innovation and dedication to the ongoing success of a safe and regulated business economy.
  • The member will be featured on the MMCA partner page for three (3) months.
  • Ability to serve on committees as recommended by board members.
  • Includes all other Fertilizer member access features.