The Board of Director welcomes you to MMCA! We have brought to you this platform as way of informing our members of those things that affect you in the cannabis business community in Mississippi. A key objective of this website is to be a catch-all for commerce in the marijuana and hemp industries. How we achieve this is through recognition of member business capabilities and creating a way for those members to enter business-to-business commerce.

Ultimately, we want to create a supply-chain network that support our members through Mississippi. We call this “Supply-Chain Connectivity.” This is where all business supply needs can be met through network connected commerce. Other key objectives are being accessible to suggestions of advocacy, being aware of industry changes, and having active membership of successful industry business owners. We know that it is important MMCA members participate in the process of building this association and having ownership. This is done by having paying and participating members at the level that’s appropriate individuals and organization. Know that your membership may directly affect the direction of leadership, advocacy, and indirectly, the implementation and direction of the legislation and regulation of this industry. Join us as members and to be a corporate sponsor email us at

Thank you, The Board