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To create equal access for cannabis businesses and promote economic empowerment for communities of color by creating policy considerations, social programming, and outreach initiatives to achieve equity for the communities most affected by the war on drugs.



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A "Disqualifying felony offense" means:
(i) A conviction for a crime of violence, as defined in MS Code Section 97-3-2;
(ii) A conviction for a crime that was defined as a violent crime in the law of the
jurisdiction in which the offense was committed, and that was classified as a felony in
the jurisdiction where the person was convicted; or
(iii) A conviction for a violation of a state or federal controlled substances law
that was classified as a felony in the jurisdiction where the person was convicted,
including the service of any term of probation, incarceration or supervised release within
the previous five (5) years and the offender has not committed another similar offense
since the conviction. Under this subparagraph (iii), a disqualifying felony offense shall
not include a conviction that consisted of conduct for which this chapter would likely
have prevented the conviction but for the fact that the conduct occurred before the
effective date of this act.

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Have you ever been convicted of a disqualifying felony as defined by the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act (i)?

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Do you have any ownership, employment, or economic interest in a cannabis-related entity?

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Are you currently a member of the Mississippi Senate or House of Representatives or the spouse of a member until December 31, 2022?

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Have you ever had a cannabis-related license revoked?

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Do you owe any outstanding taxes to the State of Mississippi?

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